How do you get over a narcissist when they paint you as the perpetrator of all wrong and you are left questioning yourself? Is it really all me?

I was requested to answer this question on Quora.. hope this helps you or any other reader/follower reading this 😊


I am writing in depth about this on my blog site, Recovering From Narcissistic Abuse – have a look!

I too, have been involved with a Narcissist personality. And I understand totally why you have been left questioning yourself.

They leave you distorted, they leave you second guessing everything. They do a lot of mind control, mind games, manipulation, that kinda thing.

They use projection a lot of the time to put their own behaviours on to you or if not you, on to somebody else. They are never at fault.

What you have experienced is narcissistic abuse. And with this comes isolation, your own beliefs and your own judgement is now questionable even to you. It’s very dark and it’s a horrible place to find yourself in.

The best way forward is, do a lot of research. Read, read and read some more. Knowledge is key. with knowledge comes your freedom. The next step to that is No Contact. Which is a journey all on its own! I’m at week 5 and 3 days today.

Them painting you as the one to be abusive is not at all rare. This is their smear campaign. But don’t react. Because the moment you do, not only do they feed (due to your reaction being fuel to them) but they also will be able to say to people around them β€œ”see, this is what I told you she/he was like. This is exactly what I have to put up with!”

Good luck and I hope this helps.”


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