Questions and Answers on NPD

Hiya 😊

A while ago I joined a fantastic site called Quora!

On Quora you’ll find some of the most knowledgeable people from all around the 🌎 world!

Even H.G Tudor is on there, author of Knowing The Narcissist!


You can find my profile here – My Quora Profile

I often go on here and read answers from people actually diagnosed with NPD, like H.G and many others, I also find interesting and extremely helpful, when I find answers from those diagnosed as high functioning sociopaths and there is also somebody who frequents on there regularly, who gives their side and opinion on many things, to help victims of NPD or abuse, who is diagnosed as a Psychopath.

It is also helpful to come across answers from those who are actually also diagnosed with NPD, men and women, and those victims of loved ones with NPD too.

Quora is the new Google !!

This site is where I found my own closure and where I expect many others gained theirs from too because you will rarely ever get closure from anybody with Narcissistic traits! That’s why my advice, along with everything else, is always “read, read and read some more!”

Today I got a notification to say my answers have reached 10,000 readers in just one day! Which is amazing!!

So with finding out about that, the upvotes on my answers and the comments, I thought it would be a good idea to share the questions along with the answers I gave. The readers on Quora have shown such appreciation to the information I have provided, and one lady said it was just what she needed to hear! And that’s brilliant! I feel like with that comment, I really reached out to her and helped her in the way that I wanted to – hence why I started this blog.

Keep an eye out for the Quora Questions and my answers series that I will be starting soon! 😊 I really feel sharing my answers from there on here will help my followers here who are experiencing what I have  I hope I can help in this way.

And I hope whatever you read, will be just like that lady I mentioned above, I hope it’ll be what you needed to hear too, to set you on the road to freedom!

Thanks for reading xx


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