70 Days No Contact

Wow ten weeks already? No way!

I began this part of the journey of my recovery 70 days ago and I really can’t believe I’ve made it this far considering the many times in the past where I’ve attempted No Contact and broke it within a couple of weeks due to him getting in touch or due to the bond pulling me back there.

The thing to note about that is, back then, the bond was stronger than me. 

Now, I am stronger than that bond!


But not this time.

So, ten weeks here I am.. I feel, really refreshed and back to me.  Back to who I was before but a newer and much more wiser version of myself.

day 8

I ain’t gonna sit here and say, yeah it’s all good and lie to you because that wouldn’t be fair.

The truth is, you have good days and you have bad days.  Sometimes the bad days feel horrible, you feel that pull, you feel that addiction feeling creep back in, you feel it pulling you backwards and the urge to reach out and make contact is so strong but it’s your strength that stops you.


At times, it can feel like there are too many of these days.  And when these days arise, your anxiety is at a high, you’re scanning the environment and your mood is extremely low.  But these days become less with time, the pull begins to weaken and you become even stronger as the days go on.

Never forget why you’re here now.  And always remember, how far you’ve come already.

burning bridges

You’re doing great!

Thank you for reading 🙂 xx



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